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23/04/2015 The biggest FCBD yet !

Thank you to all the exhibitors, artist, vendors, performers, extended Readers Den crew, and of course all the fans who came out in their droves to support what amounted to a mini comic con in Cape Town !


23/04/2015 Final Floorplan

The final floorplan is now live, this includes the exhibitor listing as well as stand numbers



09/04/2015 - Preliminary Floorplan

Check out the preliminary floorplan showing the basic layout of all the stands as well as additional rooms and spaces being used for FCBD 2015

Later this month the more detailed floorplan will be made available with all exhibitor stand no's and details.



08/04/2015 - Additional artist/vendor stands available [UPDATE : ALL EXHIBITOR STANDS ARE TAKEN]

We have been fortunate to secure some additional space and can accommodate a few more artist & vendors ! Please contact us asap for an application form if you are interested in exhibiting at this years FCBD 


20/03/2015 - Facebook event page and Cosplay group page now live !

If you would like to follow FCBD Cape Town on Facebook , check out ther event page HERE

Also anyone who intends cosplaying at FCBD Cape Town may follow the Facebook group HERE 


26/02/2015 - Record Breaking Number of Free Comic Book Day Comics Ordered

Comic book specialty retailers worldwide expect significant attendance at this year’s Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and have pushed their ordering to record breaking levels with more than 5.6 million free comic books to be available the day of the event, May 2, 2015. This year’s order for FCBD titles is a 21% increase over 2014’s previous comic order.

The number of participating stores has also increased with 2,340 specialty shops participating in Free Comic Book Day across the US, Canada and internationally, up 8% over last year.

“FCBD is the day after the opening of the Marvel’s Avenger's Age of Ultron film, and thousands of comic book shops across North America and around the world will look to share the magic of comic books with their communities,” said FCBD spokesperson Deborah Moreland. “Free Comic Book Day is a wonderful time of year for independently owned and operated comic shops as FCBD gives them an extra push in business as they connect with new customers and get a positive charge forward for the summer months and rest of 2015." 

Comic book publishing powerhouses, Dark Horse Comics, DC Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Image Comics and Marvel Comics are among the many sponsors offering 50 special comic book titles for Free Comic Book Day 2015.

Free Comic Book Day is designed to appeal to a broad range of tastes, making it a great event for readers of all ages to find a comic they will enjoy as they explore all their local comic book shop has to offer.

For more FBCD news and updates, to locate a participating comic shop and to see all 50 free comics available on May 2nd, visit the official FCBD website at www.freecomicbookday.com. Also become a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter.


16/01/2015 - Cosplay announcement for 2015 event

Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday 2 May 2015, and cosplay is a big part of the event ! After evaluating last year's cosplay activities, we are making some changes to make the 2015 event even better ! Cosplay is primarily a fun activity and to keep the focus on this, and to make the event as inclusive as possible, we are taking a less formal and structured approach - instead of a competition, there will be a cosplay masquerade !  So, no formal competition, judging, pre-judging, pre-registration, and of course, no competition rules. The main event will be a Cosplay Masquerade, where participants may simply enter by registering their name and character just before the event and then get a chance to pose on stage to have their official photo taken, with spot prizes given to outstanding costumes. The only rules are : basic registration on the day, costumes must be from the world of pop culture (comics, anime, gaming, movies & TV), no real weapons, no nudity. More details will be available closer to the time.
So get cracking on those costumes and lets make Cosplay at FCBD 2015 the biggest and best yet!!!